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Monday, March 19, 2018

Problems that affects Forex Market in UAE

The foreign exchange market  is a global decentralized market for the trading of currencies. This includes all aspects of buying, selling and exchanging currencies at current or determined prices. In terms of volume of trading, it is by far the largest market in the world.including both short-term and long-term price trends, are the basic requirements for any forex trades. Trends are what cause profit and loss. There are many things contributing to forex market price trends.

Governments and Central Banks: the monitory policy and fiscal policies of governments and central banks include actively managing currency interest rates and money flow. They can actively intervene in forex market to keep the currency exchange rates at optimum range for them.
Supply and Demand: like all other financial instruments currency prices also depend hugely on supply and demand. If there is demand but the supply is low, then the price is obviously going to rise, and in opposite scenario fall.

International Trades and Transactions is Countries that export more are bringing money into their country and countries that import more are allowing money to flow away from their country. The first scenario strengthens their currency over time and second scenario weakens their currency because the more money in a financial system, the better growth stimulus it got.

Speculation and Expectation is everyone related to a financial system have expectation about what the system holds them for the future. These expectations can shape both existing and future trends. The level of how much these expectations and speculations come true can cause positive or negative trends in the market.

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Tuesday, June 13, 2017

What is an Equity Trading

The term equity trading refers to the buying and selling of company shares, stock indices and sector CFDs. Here, shares of big public companies are bought and sold through the major stock exchanges like London Stock Exchange, New York Stock Exchange, and Tokyo Stock Exchange. These exchanges serve as managed auctions for stock trades. But, stock indices in small companies are bought and sold in OTC (over-the-counter) markets.

Deals can be performed by the owner of the stocks, or by an agent. There are two types of trading - Proprietary trading (also called principal trading) and Agency trading. First one is buying and selling for the trader's own profit or loss. Here, the principal is the owner of the shares. In the case of agency trading, an agent (usually a stock broker) buys and sells stocks, on behalf of a client. Stock brokers are paid a commission for performing the trade.

View Trading Example click here
This information provided by Orient Financial Brokers (OFB), licensed and regulated by Central Bank of the UAE , to conduct brokerage in Foreign Exchange, Commodities and Money Markets.

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Tuesday, December 6, 2016

Benefits of CFD Trading over Stock Trading

Contract for Difference (CFDs) are considered as more flexible trading instruments than stock and indices. Here are some of the advantages of CFD trading over stock trading.

Trading Products across the Globe: While stock trading is limited to a handful of country specific or market stocks, CFD traders can trade products in all world markets. Trades can be executed anytime the market is open on the trading platform. Click here to know the CFD range of products Orient Finance offer. 

Better Leverage: CFD trading involves higher leverage than stock trading. Generally stock trading involves 50% margin requirements, meaning you should have capital of 500 for trading a contract size of 1000. But the CFD trading margin ranges from 1% to 20% depending upon the liquidity of the underlying asset. Fore example with 5% margin, one can trade 1000 worth contract with just 50 as capital investment.

No Day Trading Requirements or Shorting Rules: CFD trading has much relaxed rules and regulations than stock trading. There are no day trading requirements; traders can day trade whenever they want. At times stock markets can restrict traders going short; but in CFD trading one can go short any time they want as there is no ownership of underlying asset, no burrowing costs or shorting costs.

Getting Trade Executions with No Fees: Like online forex trading, CFD trading does not involve any trading commissions. The difference in ask and bid spread is the broker's remuneration. This spread is often fixed and usually there are no hidden charges or additional fees. Moreover CFD brokers offer all order types as traditional stock brokers offer.

And a Range of Products: Now CFDs are available on a wide range of underlying products. These include currency pairs, shares, stock indices, commodities, treasury products and more.

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Wednesday, August 17, 2016

Benefits of Forex Trading

FOREX is considered to be the biggest traded market in the World. Total traded volume of foreign exchange is estimated to be in excess of US $ 2,000 billion per day. FOREX is the simultaneous exchange of one currency for another between two parties at an agreed rate.

Benefits of Forex Trading Include:

  • Providing easiness in understanding and executing deals
  • Giving direct control over your money
  • Its online trading version makes deals automated
  • International trading is possible; i.e. Forex does not limit your trades to local/limited exchanges. For range of markets click here
  • No time limitation; you can practice it as a side business
  • Since the exchange rates decide the profit or loss, change in the price of individual financial product is not so affect the trader
  • Providing a number of currency pairs to choose from
  • Forex can be traded for short-term or long-term profits
  • Possessing more liquidity than other financial markets
  • Having no or less commission fees
  • Offering advanced trading platforms at free of cost

This information is provided by Orient Financial Brokers (OFB), one of the best online trading companies in the Middle East. OFB online trading service gives customers an opportunity to trade over 2,000 financial instruments such as Share and Stock Index CFDs from all major financial markets of the world.We licensed and regulated by Central Bank of the UAE to conduct brokerage in Money Markets, Commodities and Foreign Exchange.

Tuesday, June 14, 2016

Trading Tips for Traders

In addition to many things like skill, knowledge, money and infrastructure profiting from trading of financial instruments like stocks, forex currency pairs, commodity futures, ETFs, CFDs and options require good timing and sound trading basics. Here are some most important trading tips for beginner traders.

Right Utilization of Margin: traders should always look for utilize the lowest leveraged money for traders. High leverage especially when trading high-risk or highly-volatile instruments can easily result in margin calls and can also jeopardize all the trading plans. High leverage can also cause traders problems when they are trading against the market or are using complex trading strategies.

Right Stop-Losses: utilizing of right risk-minimization strategies is very important for long-term success in trading financial instruments. Stops are the most common and one of the most effective risk-minimization strategies implemented by traders. But many traders do not care to place stops or are too unprepared to place relaxed stops and are often left to suffer huge losses.

Keeping the Basics Right: there are many basic things that traders should always know, These include right position size, right market timing, fundamentals of price movements, chart patterns, software trading skills, right trading infrastructure, right quote streaming, etc.

This blog is written for Orient Financial Brokers, a leading UAE based online brokerage firm offering Forex, CFD, Bond, Gold, Oil, Treasury, Stock and Index trading services across middle-east.
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This blog is written for Orient Financial Brokers, a leading online forex, gold, stock and CFD trading broker in Dubai, UAE offering a range of tools for investing the money.

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