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Thursday, July 17, 2014

Top 10 Advantages of Automated Forex Trading

Below are some of the benefits of using automated forex trading systems.
  1. Trades can be carried out any time; even when the trader is sleeping.
  2. Not much trader learning and training is required for carrying out profitable trades.
  3. Can find more trading opportunities than a hum trader and can perform multiple product, currency pair or market trades simultaneously or in short succession.
  4. Can remove human emotion and guesswork from analysis and trade executions.
  5. Automated forex systems are very good in technical analysis and are loaded with a range of indicators and analysis tools. So decision making is sound and effective.
  6. Advanced risk management tools ensure minimum loss to open positions.
  7. With modern automated systems, it is easy to experiment with new trading strategies. This enhanced trader’s knowledge.
  8. The customizable features of automated systems ensure personalization according to trader investment strategies and trading goals.
  9. They support complex trading strategies that include multiple products or markets.
  10. Trading and accounting the trades are easy; also evaluation of performance is very easy.

This blog post is published for Orient Financial Brokers, a leading online currency trading broker in Dubai, UAE. OFB offers one of the most sophisticated automated forex trading platform for traders.

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Wednesday, June 25, 2014

Advantages Only a Forex Trader Enjoys

Thanks for the lack of centralized exchanges and regulatory bodies, forex traders definitely enjoys much more freedom in trading than stock, options, futures and fund traders. Most of these privileges are only available in the world forex market. Some of the most important advantages are given below.
  • There is no difference in going short or long. Every trade is shorting a currency and going long on another. Hence no uptick or similar rules are applicable.
  • Traders can adopt any style they prefer; can practice any strategy on minute, hourly or weekly charts.
  • Customizable leverage options allow traders to trade both aggressive and conservative based on their trading strategy, market performance and trading goal.
  • Automated margin calls lock the loss to the money you put in.
  • There are no trading commissions hence the loss or gain of every trade can be accounted as traders profit or loss. Also when trading high interest rate difference currencies, traders can receive interest on daily basis.
  • The market stays very liquid round the clock. And there is a great information flow; traders can enjoy real-time news, charts, research and analysis usually for free.

This blog post is written for Orient Finance Broker, offering online forex trading services to middle-east traders. OFB offer a range of advantages for online traders.

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Sunday, May 18, 2014

GDP Value Releases and Currency Trading

Traders across the globe use Gross Domestic Product or GDP as an indicator for trading forex currency pairs. Rise of fall in GDP figures compared to previous figures can be regarded as the growth or decline of the economy of the nation concerned. The underlying idea is if the GDP is getting better then the interest rate of the nation will follow the same pattern. It can be regarded as a good indicator because it is prepared by standard government agencies and are released at regular intervals like monthly, bimonthly or quarterly.

Gross Domestic Product is the total value of all goods and services produced in a country. It is derived by taking account of the total consumption expenditures of the households, total investments on business or infrastructure, government spending or investments and of net trade balance that is net export minus net import. The values derived are compared with previous quarters or years value to determine GDP growth or decline.

Usually the forex market has high expectation of GDP values; and traders often position themselves to benefit from these releases. An expected reading cause not much fluctuations in the market compared to releasing of lower-then-expected or higher-than-expected figures.

This blog post is written for Orient Finance Broker, offering online forex trading services to middle-east traders. OFB offer a range of advantages for online traders.

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Monday, April 21, 2014

Forex Rollover Interest and Trading Profit or Loss

Forex rollover interest is one of the fundamentals of forex trading which every forex trader should be aware of. Rollover interest is applicable to overnight open forex positions; to be exact, positions open before 5 pm EST and remain opened after 5 pm EST. The retail forex broker calculated the interest and is credited to or debited from traders' account.

The roll over interest is calculated based on the difference of interest rates of the nations of the currency pairs trader is holding. The interest is applicable to the total position size or the total value of trade, not just the margin/leveraged portion. The interest is credited to the trading account when the country of currency the trader purchased has higher interest rate than the country of currency the trader sold. The interest is debited when the reverse happens; when the currency trader bought has lower interest rate than currency sold. Roll over occurs when the broker automatically closes and re-open all open positions to avoid real cash/currency settlement.

Roll over has significant trading importance and the interest alone can determine profit or loss when the currency values are least fluctuating. Many day traders slightly delay their trades to benefit from rollover interest.

This blog is written for Orient Financial Brokers, a leading online forex broker in UAE offering a range of account features for traders.

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Sunday, March 23, 2014

Finding a Good Online Forex Trading Broker in UAE

The great step of making forex trading a career starts with finding the most suitable forex trading broker who can assist you in your trades, who support you with access to the world's largest financial market, who carry out your transactions, who keeps your records and who offer you margin for carrying out trades. Finding a suitable forex broker is not a very hard task; but not so easy either.

Here are some tips for finding the most suitable online forex trading broker in UAE.
  • Find the broker who understands what you say: finding a good online forex broker from the neighbourhood is always good, but often very difficult. So find a broker who offers excellent support online and over-the-phone preferably in your native language.
  • Regulator compliance or License details: although forex market is not regulated by any firm or exchange, the brokers who are members of reputed bodies like NFA or CFTC or are licensed by renowned institutions, banks or governments are better; because they can assure you quality service and security for your investments.
  • Spread difference: spread difference is the cost of trading and the broker offering tightest spread is preferable. But also make sure the spread differences stay tight with liquidity changes and the broker offer tight spreads for all major currency pairs.
  •  Margin and leverage: forex brokers offer leverage from 50:1 to 200:1. The trader should make sure that the broker offer ideal leverage suitable for his trading style and strategies. The initial deposit, minimum account balance and minimum position size are also suit the trader.
  • Currency pairs available for trading: The more pairs available, the better can be the brokerage service. But it is better to make sure that the broker has good spreads for all the currency pairs the trader is planning to deal with.
  • The trading system: yes, it should be advanced and always available. Web based systems are preferable.

This blog is written for Orient Financial Brokers, a leading online forex broker in UAE offering a range of account features for traders.

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