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Tuesday, February 24, 2015

A Successful Forex Trader

Most people who are dealing with Forex trading have lack of knowledge and experience about the processes and procedures related to currency trading. The lack of experiences force them will often ultimately open another live account, and experience a little more success. In most cases, the trading will be end as not profitable for them.

To become a successful Forex trader is not a easy job compare to those other professions. The expert has to acquire an adequate knowledge regarding the currency trading.  Now a days, the currency trading is not a difficult task for new comers as there are structured, formal training available for all levels from beginners to expert Forex traders, unless you start your carrier by working for a professional institution like a foreign exchange bank, which is not an option for most retail Forex traders.

The Forex industry has established this as a custom for what is needed to get on with your trading and they market it as being sufficient to acquire success.   There's nothing exceptionally risky or hard about the  forex market in comparison to any other trade market; currencies usually don't go to zero, and the unleveraged account is actually in no danger at all of being wiped out under normal conditions. Currencies are the basic structure of all kinds of economic activity; big profits are possible in the forex market.

This information provided by OrientFinancial Brokers (OFB), licensed and regulated by Central Bank of the UAE since 1997, to conduct brokerage in Foreign ExchangeCommodities and Money Markets. OFB offers 24 hours internet on-line trading service to deal in thousands of financial instruments such as Commodities,TreasuriesShare CFDsStock Index CFDs, Foreign Exchange and PreciousMetals through its principals.

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Thursday, January 15, 2015

A Forex Trader Enjoys Advantages Only

Thanks for the lack of centralized exchanges and regulatory bodies, forex traders definitely enjoys much more freedom in trading than stock, options, futures and fund traders. Most of these privileges are only available in the world forex market. Some of the most important advantages are given below.
  • There is no difference in going short or long. Every trade is shorting a currency and going long on another. Hence no uptick or similar rules are applicable.
  • Traders can adopt any style they prefer; can practice any strategy on minute, hourly or weekly charts.
  • Customizable leverage options allow traders to trade both aggressive and conservative based on their trading strategy, market performance and trading goal.
  • Automated margin calls lock the loss to the money you put in.
  • There are no trading commissions hence the loss or gain of every trade can be accounted as traders profit or loss. Also when trading high interest rate difference currencies, traders can receive interest on daily basis.
  • The market stays very liquid round the clock. And there is a great information flow; traders can enjoy real-time news, charts, research and analysis usually for free.

This blog post is written for Orient Finance Broker, offering online forex trading services to middle-east traders. OFB offer a range of advantages for online traders.

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Thursday, October 16, 2014

How Volatility Affect Investment Returns?

Volatility is one of the most noticeable characteristic of any financial market. Actually, volatility is one of the main factors which determine the profitability and popularity of an instrument or a market. It is defined as the deviation or dispersion of the price of a product or value of an index from the mean value. Volatility is usually measured using standard deviation. The value changes of the instrument or index is grouped and plotted using moving average. The standard deviation is small when there is low volatility and is large when there is high volatility.

Intraday price volatility affect short term traders and scalpers and long-term price volatility affects position traders and investors. Researches shows that volatility affects market performance. Generally, in rising markets have relatively low volatility and declining markets have higher volatility. Volatility is also directly proportional to risk. The overall return from the market also declines when the market is volatile.

The fact that price volatility is influenced by lot of factors in addition to the supply-demand. Some common factors include interest rate changes, oil price changes, inflation trends, industry or company or market performance reports, and economic policy changes.

This blog is published for Orient Financial Brokerage Services, the leading UAE based online forex, CFD, Gold and Commodity broker with a range of investment account features for middle-east traders.

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Tuesday, September 16, 2014

Why Forex Trading is a Good Profession?

Forex market the world's biggest financial market where trillions of dollar worth transactions took place in one day. It is also one of the favorite professions for new graduates and capital market players. There are many things which makes forex trading a good profession.
  1. There are still room for players: unlike other capital markets, world forex market is not much exploited by retail traders. Only a small portion of trades are carried out by retail traders. The volume of individual players is also much less than the banking counterpart.
  2. World currency market is one of the most liquid and diversified market. Careful placing of traders can help traders to overcome almost all financial disasters including inflation, low economic growth, oil or commodity price changes, etc. Moreover currency market do not show any significant co-relation to any other markets.
  3. When compared to trading other financial instruments, forex trading has much related rules and requirements. Usually the traders are straight forward and the trading platform is free. There are no short-sale limits, market regulators or specific trading hours.
  4. Unlike trading other financial instruments beginner forex traders have very vast resources to learn trading. There are lots of online forums and communities available, many sites provide free and paid market analysis and the free software trails help to test the trading strategies.

Although easier than most financial instruments trading, forex trading does not guarantee any better returns. The success depends on trader’s ability, trading strategies and many related things.

This blog is published for Orient Financial Brokers, a popular online forex trading brokerage firm in Dubai, UAE.

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Monday, August 18, 2014

Forex Trading Technical Analysis: Types of Price Patterns

Technical analysis of price changes is a very important trading strategy. Finding and interpreting trends, trend changes and patterns help traders to profit in different market situations; and also help in minimizing trading risks.

Trendlines are the building blocks of most chart patterns; or are used to interpret the patterns. These are lines connecting the dots on a graph. Theses dots can be price heights, price lows, average price values or closing values. Generally trendlines are drawn connecting dots of similar types; for example daily highest price for a currency pair. Most of these lines are liner with slop to either left or right. But some trendlines can be curved in shape. Simply an uptrend occurs when the trendline connects lower dots to higher dots and downtrend occurs when the reverse happens. A consolidation occurs when the trendlines are horizontal or parallel.

Knowledge of trend patterns is one of the key features of a successful trader. There are mainly two types of price patterns; continuation patterns and reversal patterns. When the existing trend halt for some time but then resumes its original trend, then the pattern is a continuation pattern. Examples for continuation patterns include flags, wedges and pennants. Reversal patterns occur when the existing trend halts and then goes the opposite direction. Examples include double bottoms, double tops and head and shoulders.

This blog is published for Orient Financial Brokers, the prominent Online Currency Trading broker in UAE offering live forex trading accounts for traders from Middle East countries.

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