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Wednesday, June 11, 2008

Futures Trading Contracts

Futures trading contracts are generally classified into two types, Commodities and Treasuries. Commodities refer to the contracts traded for physical delivery. Treasuries, also known as financial instruments, are futures contracts ended with a cash settlement. Futures contracts can be traded directly and electronically.

Commodity Futures trading includes oil, grain and metal contracts. Soybean, sugar, oats, corn, wheat, etc are example for agricultural commodities. Future oil contracts include crude oil, heating oil, natural gas, etc. Examples for commodity metal contracts are gold, silver, platinum, etc.

Commodity futures contracts follow the same trading principles of shares of a stock market. Point to remember that every commodity contracts end in delivery. Its online trading version always depends on speculators and hedgers.

Treasuries Futures contracts traded for cash settlement include treasury notes, bonds, short sterling, gilt, euribor, etc. These types of contacts are also popular by the name ‘currency futures’. They are normally traded through electronic platforms.

This information provided by Orient Financial Brokers (OFB), licensed and regulated by Central Bank of the UAE since 1997, to conduct brokerage in Foreign Exchange, Commodities and Money Markets. We offer a number of commodity futures including all main oil, grain and precious metal contracts. We offer all the main LIFFE and EUREX interest rate contracts, including Short Sterling, Gilt, Bund and Bobl. US and Far East contracts are available too.

OFB offers 24 hours internet on-line trading service to deal in thousands of financial instruments such as Commodities, Treasuries, Share CFDs, Stock Index CFDs, Foreign Exchange and Precious Metals through its principals.

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FOREX Trading from Orient Financial Brokers

Orient Financial Brokers (OFB), one of the best online trading companies in the Middle East, is licensed and regulated by Central Bank of the UAE to conduct brokerage in Money Markets, Commodities and Foreign Exchange. Since our inception in January 1994, we have continued to grow through our focus on customer service, effectiveness and best practices.

OFB offers its customers a state-of-the-art internet trading platform for the trading of Foreign Exchange (FOREX). Our award winning software lets you trade all major global currencies, major crosses and precious metals, 24 hours a day. The software also helps you to find yourself the advantages of narrow spreads, efficient quotes, lowest margins and commission.

Foreign Exchange Market:

The term Foreign Exchange is referred to as the simultaneous exchange of one currency for another between two parties at an agreed rate. FOREX is one of the biggest traded markets in the World. It is estimated as the total volume of foreign exchange to be in excess of US $ 2,000 billion per day. The mode of settlements are classified into spot(immediate), forward(in the future), or deferred (on a daily basis).

In short, OFB online trading service gives customers an opportunity to trade over 2,000 financial instruments such as Share and Stock Index CFDs from all major financial markets of the world.Click here for Range of Markets

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