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Wednesday, August 22, 2012

Forex Technical Analysis UAE

Technical analysis, also known as statistical analysis, is the practice of using current and past data for validating existing data and for predicting future data. Although there is a high dispute on the effectiveness of technical analysis and tools, most experts agrees on the fact that knowing technical analysis tools, past market trends and price changes, and knowledge of different patters & formations can greatly enhance a traders profiting chances and reduces market risk.

Experts say technical analysis works better with forex market than with stock or futures market. The top reasons for this are the continuity of forex market reducing the over-night open position risk (or the trading gaps), predictability of currency prices at certain levels because of the intervention by central banks to keep that so and the vast growth and popularity of the market demanding more sophisticated tools, inventions and modifications.

Now retail traders from across the world, especially from UAE and middle-east, can enjoy the high-end forex technical analysis tools offered by leading online forex trading brokers. More over, most of these systems are web-based, available from anywhere there is internet. Many of these systems supports complex and simple forex trading strategies and are loaded with sophisticated algorithms and patterns to identify and utilize different trend formations, patterns, scenarios, and opportunities. They make the trading more automated and easy. Technical analysis tools works best when they are used together with fundamental tools and news.

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Tuesday, August 7, 2012

Online Gold & Silver Trading Service Kuwait

With today’s global economic scenario and non-correlation to other commodities but high-correlation to different national currencies, gold is considered more as a currency than a commodity. And that is why now gold is traded often like forex currency pairs on online trading platforms of forex trading brokers. That’s why Kuwait and many middle-east forex brokers like OrientFinance offers traders the ability to perform spot trading of precious metals like gold and silver.

In online trading, gold and silver are traded just like forex currency pairs but always against US Dollar; the currency symbol for spot gold is XAU/USD and for silver is XAG/USD. The price of the pair is defined as the cost of one ounce of gold in USD. Just like most FX trades, these online precious metal trades are done Over-The-Counter (OTC) between the buyer and seller and are not part of any exchange or controlled by any exchange or country.

There are many advantages of online gold and silver trading over traditional forms of precious metal trading.
  1. There are no direct ownership of the precious metal (non-delivery trading) so no costs involved for physical purchase & storage.
  2. Traders can trade anytime during weekdays.
  3. Day trading of gold and silver price changes is possible. And traders can go long or short any time.
  4. Traders can make use of real-time quotes, advanced charting and a range of fundamental and technical analysis tools loaded on their forex trading platform.
  5. With its global nature and high transaction volume the forex market offers very high liquidity for trading gold and silver.
  6. And last but not least the very high 100:1 leverage enable traders to trade gold worth a million by just investing a thousand.

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