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Tuesday, April 23, 2013

Online Forex Trading Order Types Saudi Arabia

Online forex trading brokers offer a range of different order types to fulfill different trading needs. These include the following.

  • Simple Orders: Include the simple buy and sell orders that tell the broker to enter and exit the trades. These are basic order types offered by all brokers; also known as market orders. The general idea is to buy or sell at existing market price.
  • Short Selling Orders: In stock and futures trading, it refers to selling an instrument after burrowing it from the broker. This practice need a margin account and not all brokers offer all instruments for short selling. In forex trading, going short or long does not make any real-difference as every trade include longing a current by shorting other.
  • Limit Orders: These are used for getting better executions. Limit buy orders are executed at a specified price or lower and limit sell orders are executed at specified price or higher.
  • Stop Orders: These are used for limiting the risk. The most common use of them is as stop-losses. The trades are executed when the price reaches at a specific level. A buy stop order placed for covering short position is executed when the price hit a high level and sell stop order placed for covering long position is executed when the price drop to a low level. When the specific price is reached stop orders are executed as market orders or limit orders.
  • Trailing Stop Orders: They are used to lock the profit. A trailing stop dynamically follows price trend and are executed when the trend reverses by locking the profit.
  • One Cancels the Other Order: They are more than one orders placed together. When one is executed, others are automatically cancelled. They are used to achieve specific goals and to cover both upward and downward price changes.
  • Good Till Cancelled Orders: These are orders which are either executed or remains active until the trader cancels. Many brokers have a specific period of 30 or 90 days for keeping the order active.
  • Fill or Kill Order: The orders are placed to be executed in full or not at all. There will be no partial executions.

This article is written for Orient Financial Brokers, a leading Online Forex Broker Saudi Arabia offering Forex, precious metal, commodity and share trading services across middle-east.

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Tuesday, April 16, 2013

The Gold and Currency Relationship Explained for Traders

Even from ancient times, gold is used as a currency for buying and selling goods. Though centuries passed, gold is still one of the major factors determining the currency prices and there is a noticeable relationship between gold and paper currency. Gold price and price changes affect national currencies in many ways.

  1. The most noticeable relationship is for currencies having gold standard. In this, gold is kept as security for the amount of money printed.
  2. Investors tend to buy more gold when there is high inflation. Gold is considered as a good investment during inflation as it is more able to retain its value because of limited supply.
  3. Gold price changes can directly affect the currency prices of nations that import or export gold. Countries that export gold can benefit when the price increases and countries that import gold can suffer.
  4. Central bank gold purchases and selling can also greatly affect the value of the currencies. The general idea is that purchasing of gold reduces the value of currency used to purchase it because the central banks need to print more money for this purchase resulting in higher inflation.

Orient Financial Brokers is a leading UAE broker for online forex currency trading and online gold trading Dubai.

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